The Software Fools

A highly creative team consisting of software & hardware engineers, quantum physicians, data scientists, cooks, painters, programmers, writers, philosophers, full stack developers, photographers, heavy drinkers, game designers and musicians,… among many others.

It was formed in 1994 and consist, in it’s very core and from the very beginnings, by it’s fouding fathers: Miguel & Nick.

Most notable part-time members of the SoftwareFools include: Matjas & Juls.

Some of the old SoftwareFools logos emerged around the turn of the millenium, probably in the early 2000s:

The Logo of the glorious Software Fools Tangible Tabletop Division, engaging successfully in bleeding edge hardware designs:

And here antoher one:

Interestingly the Division suddenly ceased to exist, on the very verge of its success.

The logo of the famous Software Fools Mediawiki, base of universal knowledge covering a broad range of topics:

The software fools 2bit logo:

and some webdesign logos used mainly by nick for branding:

and this is our glorific metrofool logo: